That Xbox Series X floating ping pong ball story is probably fake, sorry

We’ve all the time recognized that the Xbox Sequence X’s primary fan is highly effective, however possibly not fairly on this method.

Now that Xbox Sequence X consoles are out in the wild, some artful early adopters found a neat “characteristic” which may be the funniest in both of the three next-gen consoles.

Or, a minimum of, it will be if it had been really true. An image doing the rounds right this moment blew up on Reddit. It exhibits an Xbox Sequence X set vertically, with a ping pong ball floating above it. The concept, after all, is that the airflow is seemingly sufficient to maintain the ball afloat.

Reddit consumer SnowFlakesMilkHoney, who posted the unique picture, didn’t supply another particulars as to how they managed to set it up. The image itself will not be of the very best decision, and there’s a suspicious blurry line beneath the ball once you zoom in.

Although we don’t wish to wreck anybody’s enjoyable, you possibly can in all probability guess the place that is going. We’ve achieved the testing ourselves with a ping pong ball, and couldn’t replicate the impact.

However what actually gave it away was one other image from a different Reddit user – doubtless the identical individual – exhibiting the identical setup, solely with a metallic base the place the ball presumably sat earlier than the picture was doctored.

Right here’s the – supposedly – precise image:

Actually, you might have seen the unique image with the ball colored inexperienced as an alternative of yellow. That’s as a result of some asked for it to match the Xbox brand’s colour. Others even needed the Xbox 360 to the left to have a red ring.

It was straightforward to consider, too, as a result of what’s taking place is bodily attainable. The air popping out of the Xbox would have a low strain degree, given its pace, sufficient to elevate the ball. The room’s high-pressure air would at that time hold it trapped in low-pressure, and gravity does the remainder. That is basically how airplanes obtain lift-off, in any other case generally known as Bernoulli’s principle.

Alas, the air being pushed out of the Xbox Sequence X is probably going not quick sufficient to have a low sufficient strain to make this attainable. This concludes our science lesson for the day.

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