Table Tennis Ball Lamp Serves Up Style

Though RGB LEDs subtle by ping pong balls will most likely by no means cease being cool, [thomasj152] feels that flat panels of balls have develop into a little bit of a drained idea. After a lot of effort and two complete builds, he has spun up an 80-ball spherical lamp. The outcomes are positively glowing! of the balls are linked along with some intelligent 3D printed items that had been impressed by the traditional soccer ball structure of hexagons and pentagons. [thomasj152] selected this form as a result of it’s pretty straightforward to code animation sequences for it.

The design additionally breaks down properly into two halves, which makes it simpler to wire. All 80 of the balls are managed with a single NodeMCU ESP8266 improvement board.

This stranded model is the second lamp [thomasj152] constructed. The primary one used the identical soccer ball type, however had RGB LED strips as an alternative, and the balls had been wrangled with laser-cut assist items. Strips lay a lot flatter than strands do, leaving the within tidy and spacious. Sadly, the LED strips bought fried by chance, which is additional unhappy as a result of the strips model seems to be like far more work.

The intense spot right here is that [thomasj152] can now present directions for each variations. He even has code that cycles by every pentagon and hexagon part, lighting them up one by one for testing and sanity checks. Roll previous the break for a walk-through video that reveals each variations and explains the variations.

Acquired a bunch of wall house begging for blinkenlights? Apparently it’s possible to throw together a working 300-ball video wall in less than 24 hours. Who knew?

Through r/arduino

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