Ron Rivera bans ping pong, winning to commence

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Ron Rivera has discovered the issue.

The brand new Washington coach has taken his first step towards the culture-change which each teaching change requires, by transferring some furnishings.

In response to J.P. Finlay of, the ping pong table has been removed from the locker room, together with the shuffleboard table which gamers used to entertain themselves.

Clearly, that was the issue in Washington, the place the group hasn’t received a playoff recreation since 2005.

That is all a part of the last-guy-fat/next-guy-skinny dynamic which is seen in virtually each teaching change within the NFL.

Disciplinarians are fired after they finally lose the locker room, and they’re changed by participant’s coaches who’re fired after they finally don’t foster an environment of accountability.

The ping pong table comes, the ping pong table goes, and the cycle continues.

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