STIGA Boost TX Table Tennis Rubber

Paddle Palace Rating: Speed: 94, Spin: 91, Control 71
This is a smooth inverted Table Tennis rubber sheet
Table Tennis rubber sheets cover one side of a blade

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Enhance TX is among the quickest desk tennis rubber sheets STIGA has ever produced. It is vitally bouncy and provides an amazing catapult impact with Stiga’s sponge method TTS Trans Stress Sponge.

Enhance TX (Stress eXcelleration) is the reply for the participant who needs to attain optimum acceleration with out pace glue, due to its excellent mixture of pace and spin. Trans Stress Sponge TTS generates most stress, and it gives excessive acceleration returns for a quick spin and pace recreation. The sponge has medium hardness, in between the hardness of Enhance TC and Enhance TP. Enhance TX is beneficial for extremely educated attackers with good technical know-how.

The Enhance collection consists of four rubbers: Enhance TS, Enhance TC, Enhance TP and Enhance TX. Every Enhance rubber has particular traits to fit your recreation and your expectations for a rubber. All Enhance rubbers have built-in pace glue impact and generate great energy and spin. The trajectory is phenomenal and the sensation is like taking part in with pace glue.

STIGA Enhance — The Energy of Constructed In Velocity Glue Impact!

One desk tennis rubber sheet covers one facet of a desk tennis blade. Rules require pink on one facet and black on the opposite.

Paddle Palace Ranking: Velocity: 94, Spin: 91, Management 71
It is a easy inverted Desk Tennis rubber sheet
Desk Tennis rubber sheets cowl one facet of a blade
Ships from Paddle Palace, North American Distributor for STIGA

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