DONIC Acuda S1 Table Tennis Rubber

Paddle Palace Rating: Speed: 96, Spin: 93, Control: 69
From DONIC: Very fast rubber with outstanding spin qualities.
This is a smooth inverted Table Tennis rubber sheet

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DONIC Acuda S1 is a really quick rubber with excellent spin qualities. Near or away from the desk it’s attainable to play “loop-loop” as within the days of pace glued rubbers. Regardless of its medium-hard sponge, ACUDA S1 is well controllable and has an important really feel. You may rely on ACUDA S1 even in an ungainly scenario. This rubber could also be quick however ball management is great.

Primary character: spin-focused, excessive precision quick rubber. Participant’s type: aggressive, first ball assault, near the desk.

One desk tennis rubber sheet covers one aspect of a desk tennis blade. Laws require crimson on one aspect and black on the opposite.

Paddle Palace Score: Velocity: 96, Spin: 93, Management: 69
From DONIC: Very quick rubber with excellent spin qualities.
It is a easy inverted Desk Tennis rubber sheet
Desk Tennis rubber sheets cowl one aspect of a blade
Ships from Paddle Palace Desk Tennis Co., North American Distributor for DONIC

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