Media coverage of the 2020 presidential election

It is a rush transcript from “The Greg Gutfeld” October 10, 2020. This copy is probably not in its ultimate kind and could also be up to date.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST:  Ever watch the Amish elevate a barn? Me neither, however it’s spectacular. Everybody on the town pitches into assist. It is like Joe Biden’s marketing campaign. So many individuals lending a hand to assist the previous fart get up lengthy sufficient to cross the end line, and so they’re all within the media. 

Look, everyone knows the press leans thus far left they’ll see up their very own noses. Research present journalists vote Democrat 9 occasions out of 10. And now they’re deciding the election for you, turning up the warmth, hoping to boil Trump so there’s nothing left. 

Journalism was as soon as a occupation, however now it is simply one other soiled job.

Try this bunch. 


JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR:  The one factor we now know for sure is that politics is superseding drugs. 

JOY BEHAR, ABC HOST:  Once I watched, I am watching that automotive — the parade yesterday with him within the automotive that was proper out of a dictator’s playbook. 

JOHN AVLON, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST:  But it surely’s a karmic twist, as a result of Trump has deployed the politics of illness on this marketing campaign — 

DR. MEGAN RANNEY, CO-FOUNDER, GETUSPPE:  And we might by no means need to say that the President is experiencing steroid induced psychosis, however it’s actually regarding to see a few of his actions at present. 

CARL BERNSTEIN, CNN POLITICAL ANALYST:  His response has been homicidal negligence. He has failed to guard the American folks. 


GUTFELD:  Sure, the more serious than Watergate man. Now, it’s worse than worse than Watergate. What’s this dope going to do for a residing if Trump loses?

Dangle round parking garages mumbling a couple of make consider pal? Now not on media welfare, possibly he can watch Woodward’s limo. 

Trump by no means requested for pity, however in case you anticipated them to point out any kindness to an ailing President, you are the idiot. The occasion who claims empathy are petty bastards. 


BERMAN:   … on the display screen. Please take it off as a result of that is going to

kill folks. 

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL, MSNBC HOST:  It is rather, very possible that the President of the US is panicking and this time he’s panicking on steroids. 

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST:  Reckless. That’s reckless. 

JOY REID, MSNBC HOST:  I’m speechless. I’m shocked. I’ve to be sincere with you, I am disgusted by what I simply noticed. This man is contagious. 

DAVID GERGEN, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST:  I get up some days, Wolf, frankly feeling that we’re within the grips of a madman. 

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR:  There he’s. Hair blown majestically, reshooting the scene for his personal advert. What a bunch of bull [bleep]. 


GUTFELD:  Edgy. Cuomo, the youthful, the man who staged his personal resurrection. The man who violated his personal quarantine, the drip with the QTip, vamping whereas 1000’s died in relaxation houses beneath his bro’s watch. He’s both method silly or has a blind spot greater than his ego. 

I suppose it may be each. He’s that bold. 

Although it’s good to see that Gergen continues to be alive, however possibly it was Gloria Borger in a skullcap. 

Then there’s the NBC City Corridor, the place so-called undecided voters posed inquiries to Biden, besides these undecided voters have been truly anti-Trump voters from MSNBC. Are you able to inform? 


VANESSA TAMARIZ, HEALTHCARE WORKER:  And for the reason that starting of this pandemic, the federal government has been dysfunctional and disorganized. 

INGRID GILLIAM-ALEXANDER, VOTER:  Watching the controversy, I observed that President Trump was bullying you and I am frightened that it knocked you off your sport. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  As an African-American feminine, I’ve by no means lived by way of what I am residing by way of proper now. And at occasions, I do not really feel protected on this nation. And so my query to you is what would you do to cease extremist and white supremacist teams? 


GUTFELD:  How is that not staged? That made dictator’s funerals look spontaneous. That they had extra softballs than a sluggish pitch championship. 

But it surely’s simply not the information that will get reported. It is the information that does it, the duvet ups. One is a blackout of continued violence in America. 

In Wisconsin final week, principally peaceable protesters broke home windows in residential houses, looting small companies. This over a black officer taking pictures an armed black suspect. The residents implored their attackers, “Hey, we’re in your facet,” they cried. However the joke’s on them. You are both within the mob otherwise you’re mobbed. 

Violence nonetheless plagues Portland. However the media cannot contact that as a result of it proves Trump is true on regulation and order — that we want extra and never much less.

And overlaying it solely makes it more durable for Joe and Kam to fake they’re in opposition to the chaos as an alternative of permitting it to unfold. 

However maybe the most important cowl up that Hillary colluded with Russians by shopping for their bogus Intel and pushing it by way of cooperative media channels to sway an election and later unleashing a sluggish rolling coup when Trump gained. 

Keep in mind Russia with large information for years. 


RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC HOST:  This man Kilimnik retains turning up repeatedly. Konstantin Kilimnik. 

Konstantin Kilimnik. 

Konstantin Kilimnik. 

Konstantin Kilimnik. 

He’s nonetheless Russian navy intelligence. 

Aluminum smelters. 

He began sleeping at his smelters. Sabotaged in his smelters. 

Got here to his smelters. 

Very brutal begin like sleeping within the smelters. 

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, increase. It began ticking once more. 

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. 

4 hours later. Growth. 

Growth, you are stressing me out. 

He begins tick, tick ticking once more. Once more, the increase goes off twice. First, increase, tick, tick, tick, increase, tick, tick ticking second increase. Bombshell. 


GUTFELD:  The great previous days. So the place are these tick-tick boomers now? Are they overlaying this week’s developments? Properly, this is Rachel. 


GUTFELD:  And this is Adam Schiff. 


GUTFELD:  And I’m wondering, the place are these CNN eight-person panels? 


GUTFELD:  So lovely. Sure, the identical folks injecting phony collusion smack into their veins now go AWOL once we witness the actual factor. 

Hillary began it. Brennan advised Obama. Nobody stopped it. 

And so these heinous Democrats and their media stooges dragged our nation down an idiotic rabbit gap, which handicapped Trump within the midterms. Gave media excuses to justify impeachment, and made us all query our sacred establishments. 

And it additionally made us hate the media much more than we already did — exhausting to consider. 

Reality is Joe solely has a preventing probability as a result of this four-year assault saved Trump vilified. And now by its uniform non-reporting, the media helps Biden hobble to the White Home. 

So many lies get entrance pages, so many truths get buried. 

As Trump guarantees to deliver troops dwelling from Afghanistan earlier than Christmas, you hear nothing. Because the economic system stirs again to life, you hear nothing. As this Russian story explodes, you hear nothing. A lot of what you ought to be listening to is as an alternative nothing. 

The media has a brand new hood decoration, and it is this fella. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Oh, I see nothing, I used to be not right here. I didn’t even stand up this morning. 


GUTFELD:  God bless Larry Hovis — and but what we see on TV, we nonetheless name information, regardless that it is now merely delivering infomercials to liberals. 

They fake there’s solely two buckets to serve the slop from bucket one. Oh no, Trump did this and bucket two, oh no, Trump did that. And we have now our personal bucket to vomit in as we watch. 

ANNOUNCER:  Interval. 

GUTFELD:  Let’s welcome tonight’s friends. His nerves aren’t the one elements manufactured from metal, retired U.S. Marine Corps bomb technician and FOX Information contributor, Joey Jones. 

She’s so Southern she sleeps on a gun rack. FOX Enterprise Community anchor, Dagen McDowell. 

Her main bills are faux plastic lenses. Host of “Sincerely Kat” on FOX Nation, Kat Timpf. 

And he travels by trampoline, my huge facet kick and host of “Nuff Stated”

on FOX nation, Tyrus. 

All proper, Joey. Final week, we noticed somebody by the identify of Jen Rubin ordered that we should defund Walter Reed as a result of they handled Trump and let him out.

What do you make of this? 

JOHNNY “JOEY” JONES, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR:  I do not know what to make of it. You realize, it wasn’t that way back, possibly a decade in the past, there was a Walter Reed scandal and all of those folks have been operating to assistance from President Obama and, and Joe Biden that you recognize, they love our troops.

They’ve completed all this stuff. And now they need to defund our docs as a result of they unintentionally acquired Trump higher. 

If I have been President Trump, I’d have refused therapy and used the chance to create a nationwide disaster till the subsequent support bundle went by way of. That is what he ought to have completed. You realize what? If it takes me, it takes me. 

However fortunately, he did take therapy and he’s going to do higher and God bless the folks at Walter Reed for, you recognize, doing it regardless that it broke Jen Rubin’s coronary heart. 

GUTFELD:  You have been there, after all, so I imply, they helped you. 

JONES:  I’ve. 

GUTFELD:  Sure. 

JONES:  Sure. 

GUTFELD:  Sure. 

JONES:  Thanks, Walter Reed. I like being alive. I actually respect it. 

GUTFELD:  Sure, precisely. So Dagen, what’s your tackle the media’s apparent choice for Biden. 

DAGEN MCDOWELL, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK ANCHOR:  The media, that journalists, Greg are our most treasured jewels on this nation. I do not know what you are speaking about. They’re treasure to be treasured. 

GUTFELD:  Sure. 

MCDOWELL:  A journalist is each a talker and a thinker, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, newbie virologist, pulmonologist and psychologist, esteemed economist, a non-star Common, a panorama architect, but a peacemaker. 

Pay attention, however you introduced this up. I have been considering rather a lot about this. What are these folks going to do when this profession runs out of gasoline, which is occurring rapidly? I feel this is one profession thought — a volunteer grocery store policeman to scorn the folks for over dealing with the avocados or as a profession transfer, urinal cake. That appears apparent. 

GUTFELD:  You realize what, urinal desserts, not as tasty as they sound. 

GEORGE “TYRUS” MURDOCH, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR:  I do not even know why that was going to occur. 

GUTFELD:  I do not know why both, however in case you put cake, Tyrus, in case you put cake after something, it sounds scrumptious. 

MURDOCH:  Sure. Sure. Properly, it is not. 

GUTFELD:  Whereas I am speaking to you, Tyrus, what’s your take thus far this week and the long run forward? 

MURDOCH:  Man, I would like to really deal with the ruthless assault on these of us who love avocados. There is no such thing as a strategy to completely decide an avocado with out dealing with it for lengthy intervals of time. It has to have that smooshiness. There’s nothing worse. 

Nothing that can spoil a great Nacho than a tough, exhausting avocado. I can consider many of the largest fights in my lifetime over the kitchen table has been over my lack of thoroughness with avocados and I will likely be damned as an American to be questioned on how lengthy I select to squeeze and fondle avocado when it is nearly style and my nicely — 

GUTFELD:  Tyrus, Tyrus — 

MURDOCH:  Face down on the bottom on Thanksgiving days, pilgrims outdoors the Mayflower so some particular person can inform me how one can maintain avocados. That won’t stand. 

GUTFELD:  Tyrus, I assumed possibly you may put — you may use this as an analogy for the media. How the media prefers exhausting avocados slightly than inspecting the — 

MURDOCH:  I simply did that, Greg. Spoiler alert. You by no means cease making an attempt to simply maintain me down. You simply at all times — you are worse than the person. You are the person. You perceive who that’s. You realize who the person is? That that man was with — nobody ever is aware of who it’s. He is additionally identified by them, they, man. 

Girls and gents. Breaking Information. Let me get Don Lemon on line one. Greg Gutfeld is the person. 

GUTFELD:  Sure. All proper, Kat, you are the girl, at present, anyway. I do not know. What’s your tackle the information? 

KATHERINE TIMPF, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR:  Okay, so essentially the most nuts factor to me was the NBC saying these have been undecided voters. Clearly, it is crooked. 

I am additionally shocked by how dumb it was. Proper? As a result of the proof that they’re Biden voters was on tv. You are going to all fake to not know what I am speaking about, however you do. 

There was that “Jersey Shore” episode “The Observe” proper? The place they write the notes to say Ron was dishonest on her and it’s an nameless word. And so they’re like, we have got to maintain it a secret. Cannot realize it was us. 

It’s on TV. She’s going to search out out. 

And I used to be simply so shocked at that, and now I am much more shocked as a result of it is the very same factor. However I actually thought main information community would maybe have higher vital considering abilities than Snooki. 

GUTFELD:  I miss Snooki. I miss the whole lot about “Jersey Shore” now that I give it some thought. It was a basic, basic second if civilization. You realize what? It was a greater time again then.. 

TIMPF:  It was. You noticed Ron grinding with quote “a number of fats ladies.”

You are busted, Ron. 

GUTFELD:  Sure. All proper. 

MURDOCH:  Okay, it was giant or plus sized or thick. 

TIMPF:  You realize it stated fats. Snooki is engaged on — don’t put Snooki’s phrases in my mouth. 

MURDOCH:  I’d identical to to say, sorry. 

TIMPF:  Don’t put Snooki’s phrases in my mouth. 

MURDOCH:  So sorry. We stated thick. We stated thick. 

GUTFELD:  We have 5 extra blocks to denigrate totally different identities. 

MURDOCH:  Sure. 

GUTFELD:  Tickets nonetheless left for Sunday’s present in assist of my new e-book, “The Plus,” H-E-B Middle at Cedar Park, Texas. And I’ve acquired a present arising in Butler, Pennsylvania. October 25th on the Starlight Drive-In. Go to for information. 

Up subsequent, the not so good debate for vice. 


GUTFELD:  Who kicked ass behind Plexiglas? Mike Pence and Kamala Harris squared off for the primary and solely VP debate this week. Like a frozen burrito in a damaged microwave, it by no means actually acquired that heated. Chilly within the center. 

In actual fact, this is a montage of Mike when he was completely unhinged. 


MIKE PENCE, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:  Thanks, Susan. I respect that very a lot. 


Susan, thanks. 

Thanks, though I wish to return. 

SUSAN PAGE, WASHINGTON BUREAU CHIEF, U.S.A. TODAY:  I feel we have to transfer on. 

PENCE:  Properly, thanks, however I wish to return. And Senator, I need to thanks and Joe Biden. 

Thanks, Susan. 

Properly, thanks. 

Thanks, Susan. 

Properly, thanks. 

Properly, thanks, Susan. 


GUTFELD:  Thanks, Mr. Pence. The important thing second for me was Pence debunking Harris and her high quality folks on either side lie. 


PENCE:  Senator Harris conveniently admitted after the President made feedback about folks on both facet of the controversy over monuments, he condemned the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists and has completed so repeatedly. 


GUTFELD:  The BBC fact-checked Pence and needed to again him up. It was a lie and Harris knew it. However hey, she’s probably not operating for the second spot is she, however the first. Sadly, she got here off about as presidential is a kind of brats within the automobiles for youths industrial, the smirks, head shaking, smug condescension. 

The VP although, calm and targeted. The great cop to Trump’s unhealthy. 

In the meantime, Harris spent extra time pivoting than a garden sprinkler. However the media will at all times deal with sexism or the fly. 

Sure, that fly that despatched Twitter a buzz. We right here truly zoomed in on the fly to get a greater look. 

I am not shocked. 

However when you have to deal with a fly, you recognize you’ve got misplaced. Proper Ping Pong Paddle Pete? 


GUTFELD:  I do not learn about Ping Pong Paddle Pete. Although, it’s enjoyable to say, Dagen. All proper. Some speaking head stated Pence was mansplaining to Kamala. How do you’re feeling about that? 

MCDOWELL:  No. Oh, come on, please. He’s as good as they arrive and I am going to defend her facial expressions as a result of my face does not transfer any longer, so I am a bit of jealous about that. 

However to your level, you introduced this up. No child after they have been little says, “Mommy, I need to develop up and be Vice President.” You get into this racket to be not the quantity two, however the primary so are you able to think about how exhausted Kamala Harris was making an attempt to love tamp down that uncooked urge for energy and ambition for an hour and a half? 

GUTFELD:  Sure, you recognize, Kat. Some say Kamala was a sufferer of sexism that Mike Pence talked over her. What do you say about that declare? 

TIMPF:  Sure, I could not even actually take into consideration that stuff. As a result of actually, okay, so, you understand how, like, Matthew Perry was so well-known for being Chandler within the 90s. However now you have a look at him and you continue to take into consideration Chandler. 

Kamala is like that, okay. Kamala so well-known for protecting people who find themselves nonviolent and doubtlessly possible even unjustly accused within the slammer within the 90s, that after I have a look at her, I am nonetheless interested by that. 

I’m nonetheless interested by how folks aren’t interested by it or speaking about it, and even after they discuss it as being Kamala’s previous, I suppose, that is true that it is Kamala’s previous. 

However for the people who find themselves nonetheless in jail, you look within the case of George Gage and lots of others. It is not simply their previous, it is their current. It is their future. And when she says it is overblown when folks discuss this, I’m wondering how they’d really feel about that, however we do not know as a result of they’re in cages. 

GUTFELD:  All proper, Tyrus, what did you make of the controversy? 

MURDOCH:  Properly, to begin with, thanks a lot for the query, Greg. I would wish to thank THE GREG GUTFELD SHOW for being right here at present. 

I would wish to thank all our friends, I would wish to thank John. I would wish to thank Miss McDowell. I would wish to thank Kat, thanks a lot. 

I would wish to thank Joan and Holly for which I couldn’t be the place I’m if I did not have you ever continuously criticizing me. I would wish to thank Little Tommy for suggesting jokes that I by no means use, like, thanks a lot for that. 

And I am so proud to be right here, and I’d identical to to say THE GREG GUTFELD SHOW with Tyrus and Kat would not be the place we’re at present with out the love and respect and humor and snicker from the American folks. 

GUTFELD:  Oh, very good. 

MURDOCH:  You are laughing in your houses and also you’re persevering with to assist us each week with epic and Emmy-size numbers, though we don’t get the awards, our reward is figuring out that no less than half of America is laughing their ass off each Saturday evening, 10:00 p.m. Jap. 

GUTFELD:  I feel you simply gained the controversy. 

TIMPF:  That is the way you do it. 

MURDOCH:  Sure. 

GUTFELD:  That is the way you do. 

MURDOCH:  I needed to mansplain it, Greg. You all perceive. That is how I can mansplain. 

GUTFELD:  All proper, Joey, take us dwelling. Who gained, and why? And who misplaced and why? 

JONES:  Sure, no person misplaced as a result of no person gained as a result of it is a debate for runner up, proper? However I feel what’s necessary to remove from that is that every base acquired to breathe a sigh of reduction as a result of there’s somebody inside the marketing campaign that may get a bit of little bit of that occasion’s message on the market. And after the primary presidential debate, I wasn’t positive that it was true. 

So I feel they each did a high quality job so far as that goes. And so far as Kamala goes, she’s a heck of a politician. You have to give her that. And if she will be able to — if she will be able to earn her wins, she will be able to earn her losses, in case you think about it a loss with out you recognize, saying it is as a result of Mike Pence was mansplaining. Come on, that is a robust girl there. 

Like Kat stated, she will be able to put anyone in jail. I imply, she is aware of what she’s doing. And she or he earned her loss, if that is what it was. I do not assume Democrats assume she misplaced although. I feel Mike Pence simply confirmed up in a method we did not actually assume he may. 

TIMPF:  Proper. The one factor that’s sexist is the folks on the left saying that every one ladies could be afraid of Mike Pence. 

GUTFELD:  Sure. 

TIMPF:  No, I’m not. 

GUTFELD:  They’re being good. 

JONES:  Mike Pence is afraid of ladies. He does not even go to lunch with a girl. 

TIMPF:  Sure, I can not consider Karen wasn’t up there. I’d be allowed to be up there along with her alone. 

GUTFELD:  He isn’t afraid of ladies. He is simply sensible. He is afraid of his spouse. 

JONES:  Sure. Sure. 

GUTFELD:  He’s afraid of 1 girl, and that is the way it’s presupposed to be.

You are not presupposed to be with different ladies alone or she’ll kill you. Not that I am talking from any expertise. 

By the best way, I discovered it fascinating whereas Kat was speaking earlier. Did you see a bald man behind her? Fairly fascinating — did you see a bald man who glided by? That is our previous producer. 

Anyway, arising. 

MURDOCH:  Sure, we noticed that. 

GUTFELD:  Bare celebrities and never those you need to see. 


ANITA VOGEL, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT:  Reside from “America’s Information Headquarters,” I am Anita Vogel. 

A couple of million new coronavirus instances have been reported world wide during the last three days. That is the very best whole ever for such a quick interval. It displays an uptick throughout a number of international locations together with the U.S., India and Brazil. 

At the moment, France, broke their single day report for essentially the most instances. Leone that nation’s third largest metropolis has been ordered to shut its bars. Globally, a couple of million folks have died from the virus. 

A taking pictures throughout protest in Denver turns lethal. The sufferer died on the hospital. One suspect is in custody, a non-public safety guard who regardless of earlier stories, isn’t a member of Antifa or Black Lives Matter. No phrase but on doable motive however the taking pictures is being investigated as a murder. 

Two weapons have been reportedly recovered on the scene. 

I am Anita Vogel, now let’s get you again to THE GREG GUTFELD SHOW. 

GUTFELD:  It is not the brood you needed to see nude. A brand new vomit-inducing public service announcement options nude celebs calling consideration to the so-called bare poll difficulty. 

It is a regulation in 16 states that voters should insert their mail-in ballots in two separate envelopes with a view to be counted. Watch and cringe, watching cringers. 



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I’m utterly butt-ass bare. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  I am like bare. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  I am right here to speak to you about voting. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Do you know that ballots could possibly be bare. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  And in case you do not do precisely what I let you know, you are poll may get thrown out. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  That is my poll, I simply acquired it. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  To begin with, when your poll comes, you are presupposed to learn the directions. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Learn and observe the directions that include your poll. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  And if they are saying to make use of a black pen, use a black pen. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  I do know that is like actually the least attractive factor a totally bare particular person may say. 


GUTFELD:  If all it had stopped there. 


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  In some states like Pennsylvania. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Pennsylvania. 


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  There are two envelopes you must stuff your poll in, in any other case it is known as a unadorned poll. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Bare ballots, and you do not need to have a kind of. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Quantity three. Mail your poll in as quickly as you possibly can. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Do not sit on them. Get these issues out ASAP. 




GUTFELD:  I would slightly eat a bag of eyeballs than see that once more. Anyway, the CEO behind the corporate that made that factor says bare ballots are the brand new hanging chads. Oh, my God, what would these idiots do with that? Hanging Chad? 

For extra let’s examine in with my roommate, hanging Chad. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Oh, no, my butt broke. 


GUTFELD:  That is a of good little knickknacks and bric-a-brac. Anyway, Tyrus, I’ve a sense this video may result in voter fraud as a result of folks would simply flock to vote for Trump, two, three or 10 occasions. 

MURDOCH:  Sure. This is the factor. I at all times discover it notably humorous after I hear elitist celebrities speaking about voting, going out and voting, however there was no movies of them truly filling out their mail-in vote or on the brink of vote. The one one who’ve one in hand was the previous man as a result of his technology voted. 

So once more, on prime of hypocrisy mountain, as they sit of their good room temperature, we are going to name them houses, the place they’ll sit and have a private assistant deliver them errands and stuff and I am positive it is not the primary time the non-public assistant needed to stroll and go “Whoa, sir. Hey, come on, bro. I simply — I am simply right here to alter sheets, man.” 

You realize, so if you have to make a video, make a video. If you have to be bare — bare voting. Present them that you simply’re truly voting. I am difficult all of those celebrities to provide their I-voted sticker for everybody I am supposedly a star, too. I’ll have my voter sticker on this present and I would like each superstar who has made a industrial, telling folks to vote that truly voted. 

And in case you did not vote, you are not allowed to make an annoying industrial the next yr, such as you’re completed. You are off the sport as a result of they’re stuffed with it. 

GUTFELD:  Dagen, I used to be sort of unhappy that Charlie Rose wasn’t included on this group. However you recognize what? He is most likely busy looking for bathrobes.

It looks as if celebrities have a medical situation that forbids them from seeing how idiotic they give the impression of being after they attempt to seem earnest. 

MCDOWELL:  That is the — I feel that is within the DSM, truly, Greg. I did not be taught one factor from that advert as a result of I used to be simply fixated on the truth that Mark Ruffalo’s boobs are greater than mine. 

TIMPF:  Me too, proper? 

GUTFELD:  Do not boob disgrace. We’re all going to get there. 

TIMPF:  We’re not. We’re booby solidarity-ing. 

GUTFELD:  What Dagen? 

MCDOWELL:  And he’s a hirsut. 

GUTFELD:  Sure, that is true. He is a bushy little boob monster. That is why we love him. He’s Hulky. 

Kat, what did you need to say? 

TIMPF:  I feel it is necessary to boost consciousness and I’ve acquired no downside with anybody being bare. Nevertheless, I do have an issue with them performing as in the event that they have been bare to make this level. You did not have to be bare to make this level. 

Okay, it is just like the Instagram fashions after they submit the butt pic or the beneath boob pic. After which it is identical to this phrase salad of like paraphrase Gandhi and you recognize, Buddha and what — they simply learn “A Course in Miracles” or no matter it is like okay, Madyson, with the Y, you need to submit your butt, I’ve acquired no downside with that, however do not fake it is for the higher good. 

It is since you needed to submit your butt. They needed to be bare, cool, edgy. Positive. Do not fake it is for a higher good. 

GUTFELD:  Sure, you recognize, Joey, she truly made — this good woman made a great level. And I wish to add to that that like after they make these cellphone calls, it’s clear there is a hierarchy of celebrities. And so the low finish man goes like, Oh wait, Chris Rock goes to be there? I higher do that — this might assist my profession. 

JONES:  Sure, it occurs for me each time I come on GREG GUTFELD. It’s like, oh, Dagen goes to be on there? I hope they let me know, too. 

However simply to return, if Mark Rufallo goes to be on this video, I feel we are able to all admit we’re sort of interested in what the Hulk may be bare, and that is one thing I am not tuned into to see what that may be. However no person desires to see Bruce Banner bare. No person desires the wimpy model, the person boob model. 

So you recognize, subsequent time, use some CGI and make it entertaining. 

However on the finish of the day, that is just like the Ice Bucket Problem. We take the worst of a good suggestion and we deal with that. We do not actually know how one can assist someone by way of the Ice Bucket Problem. We simply need an ice bucket in your head and look cool. 

It’s the identical factor right here. No person realized what a unadorned poll is. They simply realized that these celebrities love themselves just a bit bit greater than those who saved their garments on. 

GUTFELD:  Now think about how totally different this video would have been in the event that they have been known as stabby ballots. Anyway, I need to make a protection of the male boob.

That is what occurs if you work out for a few years and then you definitely cease — from private expertise. When you begin doing chest work, you possibly can’t cease. 

TIMPF:  We’re not shaming the male boob. We’re jealous of some males comparatively voluptuous breasts. 

MURDOCH:  What are you speaking about? 


GUTFELD:  I finished figuring out one yr and I had double D’s after which I had to return to the gymnasium. 

MCDOWELL:  No you did not. 

MURDOCH:  Rocky Marciano is flipping over in his grave proper now, Greg. You see that? That is going nowhere. 

GUTFELD:  All proper. We have to maneuver on. Sufficient of this disgusting dialog. 


MURDOCH:  Whoa. 

GUTFELD:  Strippers. How are they dealing with COVID? I would say barely. 


ANNOUNCER:  Pandemic-Con. 

GUTFELD:  Now we’re being advised what to do, even once we chew. In case you’re consuming at a restaurant — who does not — the California Governor’s Workplace has new steerage on masks security at eating places. A tweet tells diners quote, “Remember to maintain your masks on in between bites.” The issue is that flies within the masked face of its personal listing of frequent errors issued in July.

Mistake one: Touching the entrance of your masks. And quantity 4: It says keep away from taking your masks on and off. 

Positive. Do not need to take the masks off. I am going to get considered one of these. 


GUTFELD:  I suppose that porn music actually helped. Talking of taking issues off, some strippers are doing their reveals just about now from dwelling and never the membership. How is that this new? They cost anyplace from 5 to 20 bucks a present. 

The dancers say the net format is extra empowering. There’s that phrase “empowering.” They do not should work for anyone. Plus, they are often extra inventive. And so they’re making outfits sexier than ever. 


GUTFELD:  She’s going to be there after I get dwelling, Kat. How is taking off your garments on-line one way or the other seen as new, Kat? I imply, it is not like they — it is not just like the strippers are inventing one thing. 

TIMPF:  No. Sure, it is not new. However I’ve at all times acquired to simply sort of have strippers’ backs, you recognize what I imply? 

GUTFELD:  Sure. Who does not? 

TIMPF:  I can not stroll in heels. I can not dance. They’ll dance in heels.

Plus, it is just like the one job the place we’re it is like strip golf equipment have been all over since you recognize, endlessly, proper? So clearly, folks respect the work they do. But it surely’s the one job the place they respect the work they do. However then if you recognize, you do this work, folks cease appreciating you. 

So I’ve acquired to say, go forward. Good for you. How do I stroll in heels identical to greater than 10 steps? 

GUTFELD:  And it is so true. The intercourse employee is the unsung hero of America.

But, you do not need the intercourse employee to be in your loved ones, or you do not need to be the intercourse employee, when abruptly you are over 40. I would not know that. 

TIMPF:  You would not be employed if folks did not prefer it, however then in the event that they do it, they do not such as you. Come on, man, as Joe would say. 

GUTFELD:  Sure. Talking of Joe. Joey, what are your ideas? You possibly can speak in regards to the masks or the strippers or mix each into a beautiful Reese’s peanut butter sandwich? 

JONES:  You realize, I feel we will go along with the masks right here. I feel the masks laws are like someone sitting round enjoying a sport of Playing cards in opposition to Humanity and each time they see a clean, they simply put in, put on a masks. Put on a masks when you’re kissing or put on a masks when you’re in your automotive by your self or put on a masks whereas and I can not say anything that is truly within the sport. 

However again to you recognize, getting paid to take issues off on-line, I’ll fortunately receives a commission to simply take my legs off for folks on-line. There’s some actually cool stuff happening beneath right here, like some pores and skin grafts and that, you recognize, there may be a distinct segment market there. Sure. 

GUTFELD:  There is a area of interest marketplace for the whole lot. You realize, Dagen. I feel the issue with strategies which might be both excessive or unscientific or silly is that they poison the affordable ones. So now persons are simply taking off their masks and saying, screw this. These persons are idiots.

There’s — you recognize, they preserve altering the foundations. 

MCDOWELL: Not me, i.e. with pace and vigor. So I want a face bra. It is higher than a bib. So I keep away from getting meals throughout myself, and as for these strippers, these are women you want at your facet in these troubling occasions as a result of they’re going to sheave someone with that champagne flute of a heel. 

GUTFELD:  You realize, I additionally eat with pace and vigor. These are two Finnish lads in my thrash steel band. Tyrus, final phrase to you. I attempt to make folks overlook that horrible joke I made. 

MURDOCH:  I would wish to thanks for this subject material. All eyes on me proper now and I’d identical to to say I am very proud to be on this debate flooring. If I may simply return to the earlier query you requested about undecided voters for a second as a result of I really feel that must be responded to. 

There is no such thing as a such factor as undecided voter, Greg. The place have you ever been for the final three and a half years? You realize what I’m saying like, your thoughts is made up. Until you’ve got been in a coma, or have been kidnapped on one other planet. We already know who we’re voting for. 

I imply, you’ve got already acquired this. The strains are drawn. In case you’re nonetheless on the sidelines to get on TV for “I am an undecided voter and I want consideration.” Each particular person, each group that we have now seen has been an undecided voter. The subsequent week, we find yourself discovering out about their laptop historical past, which most of them finish realizing they spent numerous time with daytime strippers. 

So it is all linked. There is no undecided voter on this nation. You realize, we simply transfer it up. Let’s get it on. Let’s get this vote down. If you’re undecided, you’re consideration in search of, annoying and also you should not be on TV. 

GUTFELD:  You realize, there’s something unhappy sadder a couple of daytime stripper than a nighttime stripper. I do not know what it’s. I’ve by no means seen each. 

MURDOCH:  I’d fortunately reply that for you, however I’ve to plead the fifth. 

GUTFELD:  Okay. All proper. Up subsequent. How are you going to inform in case your accomplice is dishonest on you? We fake to have the reply, subsequent. 


GUTFELD:  Is he possible a creep if his voice is deep? A brand new research out of China finds that males with deeper voices usually tend to cheat on their accomplice. Researchers measured the voice pitch of school college students in relationships — what — then requested how possible they have been to stay devoted. For girls there was no correlation between voice and infidelity, however decrease pitched guys had wandering eyes. 

Researchers assume it has to do with baritone bros having extra testosterone, which apparently promotes promiscuous conduct. Ethical of the story, you need a standup man who will not cheat, be sure he can do that. 


GUTFELD:  He won’t ever discover love, Dagen, by no means discover love. 

MCDOWELL:  Incorrect. Girls need males who they’ll shout down, so someone who has a pterodactylian voice. Who’s like — ah — you need the shriek east of the shriekiest, dude so you possibly can shout them down in occasions of hassle. 

GUTFELD:  Tyrus, is that this good or permits the analysis? 

MURDOCH:  I feel that is nice analysis. I feel that in case you do, numerous the research, you possibly can clearly see that guys with deep voices are typically extra aggressive. Clearly, I haven’t got that downside. So you recognize, our condolences to ladies who should cope with deep voiced animals who’re mansplaining to them. So you recognize I’m simply not a kind of guys. So, I do not know. 

GUTFELD:  I feel you simply auditioned for an hour on CNN. Joey, I feel I’m traumatized. 

MURDOCH:  That is the way you nail it, women and gents.  

GUTFELD:  Go Joey. What? 

JONES:  You realize, I am going to step away from it and say as a deer hunter, we have now this factor known as the rut. That is when deer get their love horn proper about two weeks a yr, and it’s true that the buck with the deepest grunt will get essentially the most does, so possibly that is — there may be some correlation there. I do know extra about deer-mating than human to be sincere with you, so. Take that for what it’s price. 

MURDOCH:  Nice level. Nice level. 

GUTFELD:  I would like you to speak like that for a whole present. I do not know why, however I like that voice. You are like an lovely little cartoon. All proper — 

MURDOCH:  No downside. 

GUTFELD:  You realize, Kat. I used to be simply writing my lyrics to my new nation music music “Daytime Stripper.” Daytime stripper. She will get the worst tipper.

Not adequate to strip it evening. At 11 a.m., she is out of sight. 

TIMPF:  I assist her. 

GUTFELD:  Sure. 

TIMPF:  And I assist and I stand along with her. As an individual — 

GUTFELD:  Oh by the best way, you’re the deepest voice of anyone right here. 

TIMPF:  On the panel. Sure. 

GUTFELD:  You will have the voice in FOX. 

MURDOCH:  It positive does. 

TIMPF:  I do. I most likely do. And it was — in my early 20s after I was you recognize, dabbling in cigarettes, it was even worse. Like I look — you recognize, I regarded like such a pleasant little woman however like gave the impression of somebody who would invite good little ladies into his van, which is why I want the deep voice no less than you recognize, as deep as mine principally as a result of you recognize, James Earl Jones by no means responded to my letters. 

However I don’t need to be relationship someone with you recognize, much less testosterone than I’ve, which is clearly most likely greater than most ladies. 

GUTFELD:  Sure. All proper. It’s humorous when voices do not match the our bodies although, is not it? And folks with annoying voices — 

MURDOCH:  I do not discover that humorous in any respect truly. 

GUTFELD:  All proper. Remember to entry “The Gutter,” my model new web site, go to GGutfeld. Chat with me personally. I learn the whole lot and I speak to everybody apart from trolls who I boot. 


ANNOUNCER:  Last ideas. It is the final thought. That is why it is known as the ultimate ideas. Okay. 

GUTFELD:  Now we have time for 2 — Dagen. 

MCDOWELL:  I simply needed to alert the viewers that on Instagram, Joey is flexing all his items and loads of looking ideas, so have at him. 

GUTFELD:  Yummy. All proper, Kat, you get the final thought. 

TIMPF:  I will promote myself. Come be a member. I do reside chats. It’s enjoyable. I submit enjoyable issues. Come occasion. 

GUTFELD:  Test it out. It is enjoyable. All proper, you guys. Thanks a lot. 

MURDOCH:  Thanks, everyone. 

GUTFELD:  Good bye, little man. 


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