Chillingo’s Power Ping Pong Is A $5 Game For Those Who Treat Table Tennis Like A Martial Art (You Know Who You Are)

Once you’re actually good at ping pong, generally you begin to really feel like a ninja. Have a look at you, swinging that paddle forwards and backwards, reducing by means of balls with a lot power that it is a miracle they maintain coming again. If somebody took your persona and turned it right into a online game, Chillingo’s Energy Ping Pong can be the outcome.

Pingpong4 Pingpong3


On this recreation, you are not a ping pong participant, you are a Kung Fu fighter laying the smackdown on tender spheres like they invaded your city and violated your loved ones. It would not matter in the event you’re a sumo wrestler, a panda, or some man who obtained drunk and wandered off the set of Tekken, you are coming to the table seeking to slay foes, not win video games.


You’ll finally need to accept profitable video games. This is not a blood bathtub. You’ll unleash your rage towards the CPU in arcade mode or unworthy human opponents in both native or on-line multiplayer, make it to the highest of the leaderboards, after which stroll residence just like the gi carrying, afro sporting badass you at all times knew you have been.

And you’ll do it for $5. Not a single IAP extra.

Power Ping Pong
Power Ping Pong