15 Basic Ping Pong Terms You Need to Know


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So that you’re lastly getting the hold of ping pong and are even beginning to get good at it. However when you’re actually critical concerning the recreation, you have to know that good approach isn’t sufficient. Understanding the fundamental terminology that your opponents have mastered is without doubt one of the main elements that get you forward.

To really get into the table tennis sport, you want the fitting tools and strategies. Experimentation can be key to your development. Nevertheless, earlier than you get to all that, you have to be taught the fundamentals. Your shot could have been one, however are you able to identify it? You’re conscious that what your opponent did was a fault, however are you aware why?

A correct grasp of widespread table tennis phrases is a part of what makes you a legit table tennis participant. You’ll want the best ping pong paddle yow will discover to achieve your potential, however earlier than that, it’s a must to speak the speak. This can be a mini glossary of ping pong phrases and ideas to assist get you began with the game on notice.

1. Umpire

What higher time period to start out with than the one which refers back to the official controlling the match? You might want to know that in table tennis, and plenty of different related sports activities for that matter, the umpire is a god; they are going to all the time get the final say.

2. Assistant Umpire

Just like the umpire, the assistant umpire is appointed a sure degree of management over the match, largely to take care of sure calls that the umpire isn’t within the best place to make. This official’s important function is to help the umpire.

three. Backhand

To assume you will have a reasonably good one, too! This can be a shot executed the place the again of a participant’s hand is dealing with the opponent.

four. Backspin

A type of spin that gamers often go for when making defensive pictures. It’s mainly carried out by chopping down on the ping pong ball to supply a spin whereby the underside a part of the ball strikes away from you.

5. Block

This can be a shot with topspin executed near the table with the bat making early contact with the ball. This shot is often performed in response to a smash or an especially offensive stroke made by the opponent.

6. Blocker

You could have gamers that hit with energy and others that go for selection. A blocker is what you name a defensive participant utilizing the block as their main stroke.

7. Chop

This can be a topspin return executed with a backspin, sometimes far and away from the table. The rationale this occurs a substantial distance from the table is as a result of the receiving participant is often made to again off by the opponent’s sturdy serve.

eight. Cross-Courtroom

A cross-court shot that’s hit from one nook to a different, diagonally. With a better margin for error in comparison with the down-the-line strokes, these pictures sometimes make up probably the most of medium- to long-length rallies.

9. Lifeless Ball

A shot that creates a very tough ball to take care of. It’s when the ball that returns to a participant virtually has little or no spin in any respect.

10. Deep

A shot performed “deep” bounces very near a participant, often close to the sting of the table, giving them little time to react or put together for the subsequent stroke. A mark of participant is his or her capability to deal and counter deep and hard-hit pictures.

11. Doubles

A table tennis match performed between two groups comprising two gamers every the place the gamers in every crew alternate flip at hitting the ball.

12. Down the Line

A shot that causes the ball to journey parallel from one sideline to the opposite. It’s a stroke that has a low margin for error, which suggests a slight mistake in execution may lead to an error or a degree in opposition to the participant making the shot.

13. Drive

A stroke delivered close to the table with the racket arm driving in a ahead and upward path to the realm the place the participant needs the ball to land. That is sometimes carried out to execute a strong offensive stroke that pushes the opponent backward and attracts an error from them.

14. Early

In the event you’ve heard the phrase “taking the ball early” and didn’t fairly get it, that’s alright. That’s why you’re right here. To enlighten you, this phrase means hitting a shot that will get your racket in touch with the ball virtually instantly after it bounces.

15. Flat

A flat stroke is one which’s hit with much less topspin and due to this fact flies low over the net. Many massive hitters or offensive gamers sometimes hit constant flat and deep pictures to render their opponents on the defensive earlier than they ship the point-ending stroke.


So, there you will have it: fifteen of the commonest table tennis phrases to get you began. After all, as it’s, we’ve barely simply begun. However like what they are saying about any sport you need to get pleasure from: “It’s best to be taught at your individual tempo.” If you wish to be a grasp at table tennis and even only a respectable participant, it’s essential to take to coronary heart the fundamentals, together with the phrases that form your journey shifting ahead.

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