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Ping Pong – A fun sport and beyond


If you need a sport which is gentle on your body and keeps you in better shape – Ping pong is the answer!

Ping Pong is one of the most popular games around the world. There are numerous sports events where table tennis holds a great significance and many people around the globe participate to show their skills. While ping pong is considered to be a fun game, it has many benefits beyond what is visible to the eye. Ping-pong is a fast-paced sport which helps the body stay in shape while burning calories. Other than these obvious facts, there are a number of reasons why ping pong might be THE game for you.



1. You cannot play this game alone!

Ping Pong is a multiplayer game, which means you need to have company to play this game. All you need is a ping pong table, ping pong paddles, a ping pong ball and a partner.  You can find other accessories on our website as well.  Hence, it’s a great way to interact with people and make new friends. Imagine you being a student in your freshman year with no friends. You move around the campus and enter the sports center. You choose to play a game of ping-pong  (for which you also need to know the basic ping pong rules) and soon you realize you’ve made friends. It can be an icebreaker with seniors or junior year students and can help develop good long-term contacts.

Furthermore, the game also strengthens relationships between a parent and a child, two friends, a couple, siblings, etc. If you have an open area at your house, you can keep an outdoor Ping Pong Table there. Table tennis is said to be an effective way of couple’s therapy and has proven to improve relationships between the spouses. It is a great way to interact with your partner, make strategic decisions, take time out of your busy schedule for each other and can be a source of relationship building. You can choose the best Ping Pong table according to your requirements and budget. Furthermore, the game also lets a parent and their child come close and connect with each other on a different level.


2. Easier way to shed off some extra fat!

Are you tired of hitting the gym every day? Is weight lifting becoming boring and mundane? Do you think twice before deciding to go to the gym? Well, now you don’t have to worry about your workout! Table tennis is said to be an effective way to burn off calories as it requires you to move here and there, increasing your heartbeat. It is said to be a good cardio exercise which improves your stamina and health in the long run, as well as helping you lose weight. Losing weight just became more exciting!



3. Firing up neurons in your Brain

A vital benefit of playing table tennis is that it pushes you to develop strategies to beat your opponent, staying focused on the game. It takes great deal of mental effort to decide the perfect hit- whether to play it slow or fast, what edge to hit at, where to place the ping pong ball, etc. Table tennis helps keep the mind clean and focused along with building analytical skills in an individual. Studies suggest that playing the sport regularly helps Alzheimer’s patients. Time to ask your grandfather to score one or two!


4. Say good bye to gym equipment for good!

Research suggests playing sports improves individual’s motor skills for personal and psychological development. One should play healthy sports at least thrice a week.

Table tennis, unlike other sports, is gentle on the body and almost injury-free! It’s considered to be a high-intensity, yet safe and fun, sport played by people of all age groups. It is easy to learn and a great way to improve one’s hand-and-eye coordination.

A study suggests that on average a person can burn approximately 500 calories per hour while playing table tennis. The sport is very easy to learn and improves your skill as you advance. It puts you on your ping pong shoes, constantly chasing the ball while thinking strategically where best to place your shot. Like every cardio exercise, table tennis helps improve the blood circulation in the body making you healthier!


5. Fun with Fitness

Looking for some fun exercise? Grab a ping pong racket and play ping pong with your friends.

Table tennis is a really good option when you decide to involve in a physical activity with your friends or family. Simplicity backed by ease of playing makes it a great choice for a good hangout. The sport helps you connect with colleagues and friends and get to know them on a more personal level.



6. Victory and Defeat – A balance!

Sports are a great way of learning to accept challenges and getting into some healthy competition. Ping pong too gets exciting as it involves good reflexes along with a strategic understanding of stealing a point from your opponent. Isn’t it thrilling?

Victory and defeat are part of a game. Scoring the game point gives you that adrenaline rush which is sometimes needed. However, even if you lose, it teaches you what you did wrong and gives room for improvement. The game teaches sportsmanship which individuals acquire in the long run and may even end up choosing table tennis as a career.


7. Your peaceful calling

When your mind is perplexed and is battling between thoughts, a light game of table tennis can calm your nerves. It helps you forget what’s happening and focus more on the strokes you play. Table tennis is all about interaction and striking a balance. Hence, the game allows you to draw power from the negative energy brewing in your mind and convert it into positivity through your game which may even help you win it. Let your anger loose on a table of ping-pong and feel relaxed after playing the game.



8. Other benefits

Ping pong is a relatively easy game to learn. It provides hands on experience and you soon start to realize you’re getting better at it. It not only improves one’s reflexes, but is a full-time high impact cardio exercise which strengthens the heart muscle and immunity. There are competitions where smashes are hit at a rate of 50-60 mph, which requires you having sharp reflexes to catch up. Moreover, it also requires you to be on your toes- always alert and anticipating your partner’s moves. It teaches you coordination and balance and is a good choice for social interaction.

Just as much as table tennis helps in developing mental alertness, it also improves motor skills, cognitive function and the flow of blood to the brain. It can benefit patients with Alzheimer’s and ADHD. The game requires you to devise strategies to beat your component, hence it improves your tactical thinking and strategic analysis skills. It is a great way to teach your children to learn strategic thinking, while connecting with them at a personal level. Table tennis is also said to be a great “couple’s therapy”. It is said to be a good source of healthy competition and develops trust and companionship between partners. It also helps couples in combating real life disagreements and help them solve their relationship adversities better. Tired from your busy work schedule? You can just set up the table and play some ping pong to refresh yourself and to connect with your partner.

Furthermore, one of the greatest advantages of the game is that it is easy, less time consuming and pocket friendly. In today’s era where people are always chasing after work, it is a source of relief and relaxation. The table and rackets do not cost much, and it takes less time to play a game or two.




If you’re looking for a game to provide you the calm and balance in your life, while keeping you mentally and physically fit – well bingo! You’ve found the solution. Table tennis is a great way to improve your motor skills while making it a fun experience!

So, what are you waiting for? Get a table set, invite some friends over and have a good time every once a while!